5 Things that Rocked my World in September | 2015

I have written this review on the past month for some time now and I realized that it’s a good possibility to look back on the things that happened in the previous month and that somehow influenced my life – so I decided to continue with this monthly reviews!

1. Directly in the beginning of September, my parents and my boyfriend came to visit me here in Herning. We had an amazing time with a nice trip to Aarhus and I was really happy to see them again after one month in Denmark.

2. One evening in September, I was so happy that I texted all my friends and couldn’t sleep anymore afterwards. Basically, I had had a not so nice day as I was waiting on Skype for an interview with a company for my internship after this semester, but they just never came online. I was really annoyed by then and started to think about if I maybe just should search something in the Netherlands, but then I got an e-mail from the company I really wanted to do my internship with and they told me that I could do it there! As I still didn’t sign any contract, I don’t want to say yet where I’m going, but I’m really excited!

3. Slowly, everything is falling into place here. In the first month, when you go for a semester abroad, you try to be friends with everybody, you don’t really know the people yet and you just want to find some people so you don’t have to hang out alone all the time. But after two months you start finding real friends, you get to know the people better. And that’s the case here (:

4. I started working for my student job in September and spent the first days in the office. And I’m still looking forward to every day that I work because the people and the tasks are really interesting and time is just flying. Even when it’s sometimes hard to find the time to work two full days every week, go to school, work on the blog and of course all the projects we have and sport…but it’s fine!

5. My parents brought loads of books for me when they came to visit me in the beginning of the month, and now I have so many unread books..but I still found a lot of time just to read, and finally managed to read 10 books in September. And a lot of them were really good – I just love reading in autumn!

6. Yeah, I know, normally this review of the month only has five points, but so many things happened in September that it’s just not possible to cut it down to five points. Another really nice thing was that I finally found some people to do the facepaint with – we had a great afternoon and took so many pictures that I still need to post here…I’m kinda looking forward to the holidays when I have way more time to blog!

That’s it, another month is already over, time is flying and two months in Denmark have passed so quickly. What were your highlights of the month?


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