The Blogger Behind: 1,000 Questions to Myself #2

It’s been a week since I answered the first 20 out of 1,000 questions to myself here on the blog. As I kinda liked it (and honestly, there is not much to do during lockdown anyways), I decided to continue with this. Let’s see how far we get this time! And if you wanna join in and also answer the questions, feel free to copy them on your blog and post your link in the comments below. Will make sure to link your post when answering the next questions. So here we go – answers 21 – 40!

21. Is it important to you what others think of you?

I’d love to say no here, but honestly, it kinda is. Not always, and it’s getting less important. But still I kinda mind.

22. Which time of the day is your favorite?

I like nighttime. I love to stay up late when everybody goes to sleep to do something productive or creative. Or to wake up really early to read a book. Although preferably not at the same time!

23. How about your cooking skills?

Working on it!

24. Which time of the year is your favorite?

Autumn. Always has been and always will be. I just love the weather, the fresh air and everything.

25. When was the last time you did nothing at all for an entire day?

I guess that has been a long time ago. I’m not really the type to do nothing at all for an entire day. After some hours of chilling I mostly get bored and decide to do something anyways.

26. Were you a happy child?

Yes, I think I was, although I have always been an overthinker, even as a child.

27. Do you buy flowers often?

Nope, not really. Maybe I should change that as I love flowers!

28. What’s your biggest dream?

Travelling. Especially over the past year, I missed travelling so much – discovering new places, countries and cultures. However, I don’t think I am the type to go on a worldtrip and do everything in one go. I rather take some time off every year to go travel.

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29. In how many apartments / houses have you lived so far?

I really had to count and re-count to be sure: 14. Two houses when I was a kid (I was really small when my parents moved from the first to the second so I don’t remember anything from the first house), the house of my host family in Paris, three different apartments in the Netherlands during my studies, the apartments in Brussels and Denmark for my semesters abroad, two apartments in New York City, one apartment in Munich and so far three in The Hague.

30. What’s your biggest flaw?

I overthink. A lot.

31. What’s the last book you finished?

Most of the time I read several books at the same time so not really sure which one I finished last. Lately, I finished Think like a Monk by Jay Shetty, a novel by the Austrian author Mareike Fallwickl and two thrillers by Catherine Shepherd. All of them were great books, so highly recommended! If you are interested in what I read, you can just send me a friend request on Goodreads.

32.Why do you have the haircut you currently have?

Good question in lockdown, haha! But I cut my hair from pretty long to a long bob back in Munich, shortly after I returned from Australia and decided to move back to the Netherlands. Obviously it has grown longer during lockdown with hairdressers being closed for so long. A few weeks ago, I asked my mom to cut my hair as the ends were not that good looking anymore. Now, one side is a little longer than the other and my hair looks kinda weird, but at least the broken ends are gone. Two days after me asking my mom to cut my hair, they announced that hairdressers were allowed to open again, by the way…

33. Are you addicted to your smartphone?

Hahahaha, yes, definitely.

34. How much money is in your bank account?

Less than I’d like to have, but enough.

35. To which store do you like to go?

At the moment I’d love to go shopping for an entire day, no matter what stores! But in general I love fashion stores and boutiques and book stores (obviously). I try to avoid big chain stores, as I prefer quality over quantity.

36. What drink do you order in a pub?

Mostly beer.

37. Do you know when it’s time to leave?

I guess so.

38. If you started your own business, what would it be?

I guess something with writing. I love writing, for my blog and for my work, in several languages. Luckily, that’s already part of my job so I don’t think I’ll start my own business anytime soon. But if I did, it would most likely be a mix of blogging for me and clients, improving SEO texts for websites and journalism. On the other hand, I also can imagine running my own store, maybe a café with bookstore or something like that.

39. Do you always want to win?

Yes, mostly I really wanna win.

40. Do you go to church?




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