5 Things that Rocked my World in October | 2015

In those moments when you have so many things to do and actually wish you would have a day with 48 hours to have enough time to do everything and sleep enough, the time seems to fly even more and now October is already over. And yes, I can get this feeling in a city like Herning – with the work, school and the visa-application, I wish time was not running that fast. But as each month, I want to take the time to look back on the things that rocked my world during the last months, memories that I want to keep and share with you.

1. Legoland!  As I wrote in another blogpost, we finally were in Legoland and I loved it so much I would actually go again if it wasn’t so expensive. We all had a great time and tried everything and I even managed to get the Christmas and Birthday present for my boyfriend already – the only small disappointment was, that I could not get my Lego-driving license. Here you can read the post about our trip to Legoland.

2. Going home…I haven’t been home in two months, and it was so nice to finally get there again and just to be home. It is nice to have an appartment where everything is as it should be and all my stuff I couldn’t take with me is there (not in boxes but actually there). I had such a great week!

3. …but also coming back to Herning! I missed the people I met here, the good times we had together and also my job. So it was also nice to come back after one week and to see everybody again (:

4. Our roadtrip (yes, I really need to blog about it, I know…next thing on my to-do-list after finishing this post, promised!). It was such a good time with good people and we saw so many things – the sand that I can still find in my shoes is really worth it! If you are ever in Denmark and can spare one or two days, just get a car and get on the road!

5. The Halloween-party! I don’t know why I still don’t like carnival but I love Halloween and dressing up for it. I didn’t only have the best make-up I will ever have, but it was a great night with great people. Thaks guys!

What were your highlights this month?

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