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Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Prague

14. June 2019

It’s been a while since I have been in Prague – but when I travelled there last summer, I totally fell in love with the city. Although I have…


5 Things that Rocked my World in May 2019

3. June 2019

May. The first time in ages that I had the impression that time wasn’t passing at all. When I first started thinking about my monthly review, I really thought…

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Lesson Learned: The Handbag

27. May 2019

Handbags. I hardly know any woman who is not somehow obsessed with handbags – either with one in particular or with the subject in general. It took me a…


5 Things that Rocked my World in April 2019

4. May 2019

April has been such a crazy month! Somehow it felt as if time has been flying again and at the same time it didn’t pass at all. This was…

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Travel Diary: One Week in Tasmania | Part I

28. April 2019

If you had asked me if Tasmania was on my bucket list a few years ago, I might have said no, or at least not been sure. But since…