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Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Brussels

11. October 2019

Brussels is the city I have visited the most often by far – as my grandparents lived there and I was there several times a year for over 27…

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Outfit: The Winter Coat // The Hague

6. October 2019

Finding the perfect winter coat is not always easy! You need to make sure it looks good and matches your personal style, while at the same time it should…

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Friday Favorites: The Office Look

4. October 2019

The office look – after having worked in an office with a rather causal dresscode for more than two years, I had to get used to finding the perfect…


5 Things that Rocked my World in September 2019

30. September 2019

It’s been a month already that I moved to The Hague – crazy, how fast time is flying! As you can imagine, I spent the past four weeks mostly…

Fashion Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned: Less is More

25. September 2019

I love shopping – which should not surprise you, when you follow this blog regularly. It’s not about the happy feeling that you have when buying something (which mostly…