5 Things that Rocked my World in June 2021

June has been pretty crazy somehow – it’s been the first time in like over 2 years that I went on holidays and I finally went last month! But obviously that’s not the only cool thing that happened in June so let’s get right to my list of 5 things that rocked my world last month!

1. Time at the beach! The beach was one of the main reasons I wanted to move to The Hague in the first place – and although the weather is not always perfect, I love to go a lot. However, while in winter I only go on weekends, it’s finally been the weather and the time to go after work with a friend, have dinner on the beach and relax there before heading back home on our bikes. Love it!

2. Back on track with dance training! After six months of not being able to train regularly, we were finally able to get back on the dance floor in May. However, we decided to start slow to avoid injuries. After some weeks, we finally were able to get back on track with our training schedule in June. Can’t wait to keep training and see some progress again!

3. And then, I bought a new camera. I was planning to do so for quite some time, but in June I finally got into the details of which one I wanted. Although my Nikon D3100 I bought about 10 years ago is still working fine, I wanted to have one that gives me more possibilities. So I went for the D5600, and I love it!

4. Travel preparations! After booking the holiday in the beginning of the month, it was time for some preparations. Not only packing as usual, but also making sure to have an appointment for the PCR test on time, filling in additional travel documents…the days before actually leaving were a little more stressful than normal, but totally worth it!

5. And then obviously my vacation! I went to Ibiza for a week and I didn’t realize how much I needed a holiday until I went. It was just great! Although I usually explore the destination as much as possible and love active holidays, I spent quite some time at the beach this time. And I loved it! Will definitely be back one day to explore the rest of the island though. And certainly, there will be quite some posts up on the blog about Ibiza soon. Have you ever been?

What were your highlights in June? And do you have any travel plans for this summer?


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