10 Things I Wanted to Do this Summer – Update

In the beginning of the summer vacation I posted here on my blog 10 things that I wanted to do this summer and by now, I did most of them, so I thought it might be time for an update. (:

1. I really wanted to go to Amsterdam because I had never been there before, even if my mom is convinced that I was there once but I can’t remember ist. So finally I went to Amsterdam for a day together with my boyfriend – yay!

2. I wanted to visit my hostfamily in Paris one more time before leaving for Denmark and this also worked out! My boyfriend and me had a nice weekend in Paris and also visited my dear family there – I hope the next time we will see each other sooner!

3. My boyfriend and me were really in the mood for a beach vacation as we didn’t have any summer holiday last year – so we went to Greece to visit my grand parents for one week. And we spent a lot of time on the beach – mission accomplished!

4. Somthing that has been on my bucket list for some time now is bungeejumping and I wanted to do that in Greece because I know that the last time I visited it was possible to jump off the bridge over the canal of Corinth – but that wasn’t possible anymore (at least we couldn’t find anything). So this will stay on my bucket list!

5. Party with my old class mates – yeah, that plan didn’t work out completely. Somehow, we ended up in a bar after our last presentation with half of the people from my class, but we had a really funny afternoon though. So maybe the party with all the people will be next year when we get our Bachelor dimplomas.

6. I also wanted to get rid of some stuff – I just had so many clothes that I didn’t wear anymore. I didn’t take one day time or something like that to see through my stuff and throw out what I don’t want anymore, but one by one I took these things out and put them away. And anyway this will stay on my bucket list until I will be back home from Denmark as I’m sure it will be necessary to throw out some stuff then again.

7. I read a lot of good books this summer and also at the moment I’m reading quite a lot (my boyfriend is already worried about that I will soon have too many books) – so the point of reading a good book is accomplished and will still stay on my bucket list as I always want to take the time to read good books.

8. The next point was about wanting to eat watermelon in the summer as this is something that is really connected with the summer feeling for me – I ate loads in Greece!

9. Seeing some people before moving to Denmark was a little bit more complicated because I went on holidays a lot but still I made it and saw some friends I hadn’t seen in quite some time and that was really nice!

10. The last thing I wanted to do this summer was finishing the school year with passing all exams so that I wouldn’t have to go back to school after this semester abroad – so I only need to go back for my graduation! And this also worked out fine so…I can finally see the end of my Bachelor coming! (:



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