5 Things that Rocked my World in May | 2015

Another month has passed (time is flying!), and even if it has been quite stressfull from time to time, I want to take a few minutes to think about 5 positive things that happened. Or maybe just because it was stressfull – it always helps to reflect on the positive aspects to be more positive about everything! (:

1. Milano! I like to travel to cities and destinations where I never have been before, and this year, it was Milano! Even if it was kind of exhausting – which is the case for most citytrips, I guess – I had a great time and got 1000 ideas for my blog out of it!

2. I got my inspiration back! In May, I had some problems about coming up with good ideas for blog posts and was not sure what I wanted to write – but finally, I got my inspiration back, maybe because of my trip to Milano, maybe there is another reasen. However, I’m happy that it’s back!

3. Finally, I visited some friends that I hadn’t seen in quite some time – and it was great. Thanks to Sabine and Marie for the great time we had! Now I’m planning to continue visiting (and inviting) friends, and to keep in touch, because these two reunions were so great!

4. A few weeks back I got a mail – I was one of the few students that were allowed to attend the management lunch and to talk to the management team of the academy about the studies and things that could be improved. We all really got the impression that we were taken seriously. Even if it won’t change much for the few weeks that I have left there, but I am really curious about what will happen in the future.

5. I finally talked to my parents about what I am planning to do after my graduation. For now, I’m not going to say anything about it here on the blog – it has to wait until I know for sure what is going to happen. But it was good to talk about it with my parents (:


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