5 Things that Rocked my World in January 2021

It’s been a while since I posted the last monthly review. That’s basically due to the fact that a lot of things happened that I just didn’t wanna share here, but also because I got the feeling that nothing else happened due to the lockdownish situation. However, I kinda thought if there is a time when we need to focus on the little things in life, it’s now. So…here are my five (little) things that rocked my world in January.

1. I started blogging more frequently again! Okay, to be honest, that’s not really visible on the English version of the blog. But…it is on the Dutch and German version. I even posted a new outfit recently! And after struggling to think of content ideas for months, it feels good to get creative again. There are so many local things I can share up here!

2. Another thing that didn’t really work out for me over the past months is sports. Honestly, after I was at my fittest last summer, I managed to stop sporting all together and felt completely out of shape in December. Time for a change! Some workouts and starting to run again, and I already feel way better than a month ago.

3. Another lockdown-hobby I picked up again is learning Greek. My Greek grandma is very happy about it, and I honestly enjoy it a lot myself. I just love languages and it feels so good when pieces fall into place and suddenly you can understand short sentences. That’s all I can do so far, because honestly, Greek is not the easiest language. For those wondering how I learn a new language by myself: I got some books that explain the grammar and use an app for daily practice.

4. Obviously we are supposed to stay home as much as possible during lockdown, but here in The Netherlands it is still allowed to go out and enjoy nature. Which I started doing again after feeling pretty depressed from sitting at home doing nothing all day every day. And it’s so good! In addition to some activity and motivation, I also get some new content for my blog from those trips. Hope I have some time to post something in English any time soon!

5. Spending time with friends – online. Due to all the moving in the past, I am used to only speaking to friends online. However, I used to meet up with most of my friends at least once a year. Do to Cover, those yearly meet-ups during Christmas break didn’t happen and everybody got pretty tired from all those video calls. And I realized I didn’t talk to friends a lot anymore. So I changed that in January and made some time to just speak to friends on the phone. Best decision in a long time!

What did you do in January to make the best of the lockdown situation?


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