5 Things that Rocked my World in February 2020

After January felt way longer than 31 days, February just flew by – not sure why. In the beginning of the month I couldn’t wait for time to pass as I was waiting for finally receiving the keys to our house at the end of the month, but when looking back it feels like the weeks passed by within a few days. Weird! However, after it has been quiet for some time now due to me moving, it’s time to look back to an interesting and crazy month!

1. The month started with the first dancing competition with my new dance partner. It’s been over a year without competitions for both of us, so it was exciting and crazy and…everything. The result wasn’t what we hoped for, but we are both looking forward to the next competition!

2. February was a month full of changes – and one was that I finally chose a new design for the blog. It has been a while now since I stepped over to my last design, and I was happy with it mostly. But the host stopped updating the template some time ago and more and more bugs started to show up. I was completely done with it a few weeks ago, and finally found another one that I liked. We’re not there yet, but I already like the new design and look forward to continue working on it once the move is over!

3. Although it was short, I finally saw my best friend in Cologne again. With me moving closer to Cologne, it’s still hard to meet each other as it’s over two hours by car and we both have crazy schedules mostly. But it felt great to finally catch up in person again!

4. Speaking of changes: I signed a new work contract in February. Although I haven’t been working in my current position for very long, I just realized it wasn’t what I was hoping for and decided that it was time for a change again. Looking forward to start in the new position!

5. And on the last Friday in February, it was finally time to receive the keys to our new home. So exciting! After having read and heard so much about first time home buyers in my previous job in NYC, it felt so weird to now be one myself. However, it was the perfect ending of the month with a day of painting the walls with some friends and family.

What were your highlights in February?


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