Books: My Top 5 Thriller Series

A couple of months ago, I decided to stop blogging about the books I’ve read – it’s been even longer on the English version of my blog though. There were just not enough people who seemed to be reading those posts, so it kinda felt like wasting time writing them and spending so much time to find alle the links, take photos and so on. But now, due to the ongoing crisis and everybody spending lots of time at home, posts about books are in high demand again. So I decided to write about my top 5 thriller series. Because, basically, thrillers are the books I read mostly, and there are quite a few series I really enjoy. So here we go!

Linda Castillo: Kate-Burkholder-series

I love the books about Chief Kate Burkholder and her team! They are set in the small (fictive) village of Painters Mill, where there is also quite a big Amish community. Kate was Amish herself when she was young, but after an incident on her parents’ farm, she decided to leave the community after her Rumspringe. Now, she and her team are constantly confronted with crimes that are somehow connected to the Amish – either because a body is found somewhere on a farm ground, there are hate crimes against the Amish and more. But even with her background, Kate is confronted with the fact that the Amish community does not trust the America police. I haven’t read all books of the series yet, but I always enjoy reading them. Always read them in no-time!

Simon Beckett: David-Hunter-series

I have read the first David-Hunter-thriller ages ago, but I am still a huge fan. For some reason I didn’t yet read the last book of the series that came out, but I will change that asap. David Hunter is a forensic anthropologist, which is a very interesting background but also leads to very detailed scenes (which are sometimes a little disgusting but still interesting). I loved each case, although I still remember the first one most vividly, which might also be due to the fact that I read it at a time I didn’t yet read many thrillers.

Chris Carter: Hunter-Garcia-series

Yes, another Hunter. Although this one is super clever and a Detective in LA. Together with his partner Garcia, Hunter is called to the most brutal crime scenes. I haven’t read many books of the series yet, to be fair, just the first one. But I just loved it! Hunter is a great protagonist and it was a real pageturner!

Jens Henrik Jensen – Oxen-series

Another one where I just read the first book but loved it so much I really wanna continue reading the series. Oxen is a former elite soldier who is now working to overcome his trauma all by himself in a lonely forrest in Denmark. But for some reason, he quickly gets involved in a murder case. And it was so good! Couldn’t put down the book and stop reading.

Tess Gerritsen – Rizzoli&Isles-series

Love this one, although I didn’t read the books in the right order so far. Rizzoli and Isles are two friends, one working as a detective and the other one as medical examiner. Loved the cases I have read so far, and looking forward to read some more. As mentioned, it is not strictly necessary to read them in the correct order, but it helps to understand the story behind the protagonists.

What are your favourite book series? And what genres do you read most?


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