Travel Tip: Weekend Trips in the Netherlands

Since I moved back from Munich to the Netherlands, I am constantly exploring my new old home country, trying to visit as many places as possible. Not only to get to know my new home town better and better, but also because I realized that I missed out on this chance in Munich: Exploring what is right in front of you rather than constantly planning vacations in countries far away. Also, I ended up having to leave Munich with a bucket list that I never finished because I always thought I had more than enough time to do so – not gonna happen again!

Weekend Trips in the Netherlands – my Bucket List

City trip to Groningen

Groningen has been high on my bucket list for ages, as I heard so many great things about the city, so 2020 is the year to finally go there! I just want to take some time and explore the city slowly, strolling throgh the city center, hanging out in a café or bar, and just take in the atmosphere – which is my favorite way to explore a new city, anyways! Although the city has some nice places you should definitely visit, such as the courtyards and the surrounding nature. Looking forward to this trip!

Rent a weekend house in the forrest with friends

Is there anything better than just renting a little house somewhere in the middle of nowhere with friends to spend the weekend? Just hanging out, taking long walks outside, cooking together and spending evenings without even looking at my phone for a few hours. Doesn’t that sound great? The Netherlands have a lot of nature to offer, and when I recently found a blog post with nice weekend get-aways in the forrest, I knew this would go straight to my bucket list. In case I am not too busy with not touching my phone to take photos, I am sure I will share something about it on the blog!

Exploring Texel

It’s been years ago that I visited Texel on holidays with my parents, but I still remember I loved it. I loved sleeping in a tent, going to a seal rescue center and riding around on my bike, just enjoying summer. And this childhood memory is the main reason I really want to go back this summer – and use the weekend off to explore the island by bike, go to the beach, enjoy the sun and wind, stay outside for as long as possible and sleep with the background sound of the waves.

Go to Drenthe

In my last job, I worked with Marketing Drenthe for some time, and learned so many things about what you can do there. And although I remember the province from some trips during my childhood with my parents, I realized that there is so much more to do – and that there is some great nature and history to explore in Drenthe. Now, I really wanna go there and catch up on the things I did not visit before (or at least don’t remember), such as the colonies of benevolence, which have some really interesting history. Looking forward to go there soon!

City trip to Maastricht

Been there, done that – but only for one day, and that was definitely not enough. I liked the city center of Maastricht, which was also great to go shopping, but I want to explore more. Take some time to sit in a café and just have a look around, try some new restaurants, go sightseeing and just…get to know the city and its culture.

Visit Terschelling & Vlieland

Obviously, I fell in love with living close to the sea, and I also love islands. These are two more Dutch islands, which I have never visited before and that are high on my bucket list – just to go there for a weekend, renting a house in the dunes and falling asleep with the sound of the sea in the background. Love the idea of it!

City trip to Eindhoven

I have never been to Eindhoven, but that is not the only reason it is on my bucket list to visit somewhen soon. It is also the city of Philips, which is why the city lights are especially beautiful, or so I have heard. Next to exploring the city slowly, just as the others I mentioned earlier, I would like to take a long walk through the city once it gets dark, and to explore the nightlife there.

Visit friends in Apeldoorn

After having lived abroad for some years, it feels good to be back and to be so close to family and friends again. As mentioned in my last travel diary, I am looking forward to visit friends in Apeldoorn more often – and explore the city of Apeldoorn and surroundings on the go. While the attraction park Julianatoren is not really high on my bucket list, I cannot wait to see more of the city center and the nature around the city. Also, maybe I’ll visit the Apenheul anytime soon. Stay tuned!

Daytrip to Deventer

Although I lived relatively close to Deventer before moving abroad, I only visited the city twice. Which means I didn’t see a lot of it, but I loved what I saw, and really need to get there again. Especially the city center with all its small streets and shops is perfect for a day of just randomly stralling through. Perfect daytrip when visiting my in-laws, for example!

Do you have any more ideas for a good weekend trip in the Netherlands or neighbouring countries? Then make sure to let me know in the comments below, always looking for inspiration!

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