5 Things that Rocked my World in August 2019

It’s been a little quiet on the blog lately – which is mainly due to the fact that so much has been going on in real life in the meantime. As you might have read here, I moved from Munich to The Hague, which was a long anticipated but still big step. And of course I needed to get settled first! But I am happy to share my highlights from August with you today!

1. Just doing nothing! I am not really the type of person who is able to just chill for a long time – even on holidays I always need something to do with a maximum of two days on the beach in a row. However, doing nothing but enjoying the last weeks in Munich and start working on my blog a bit more felt great! It also helped a lot to prepare for the move and the new start in The Hague.

2. Packing boxes – which is necessarily part of every move ever. I needed to do quite a lot of it, as the actual move of our stuff will take place in October and I will spent hardly any time in Munich to continue packing. It helped a lot with letting go of some old stuff, too!

3. Being sporty spice, at least most of the time. After being done doing nothing all day, I started to work out more again. Not only running, but also dance training and trying some new courses such as barré work outs felt really good.

4. After a few weeks of being at home and preparing for the move, it was finally time for a holiday. We didn’t go away or anything, but drove from Munich up North to first visit my parents and then a couple of friends before getting to The Hague. It was another few days of being lazy, but it was so good to meet them all again and just spend some quality time together!

5. Last but not least – of course the move to The Hague! As mentioned, I have been looking forward to this for quite some time now, and it felt good that it finally happened. Being excited for a new beginning is something I learned to appreciate a lot during my studies and all the semesters abroad. And I missed it! However, knowing myself, I am also very much looking forward to getting settled – which will take another few months.

What were your highlights in August?

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