Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Copenhagen

It’s been a while since I lived in Denmark – and although I did not live in Copenhagen, it became one of my favourite city trip destinations. Especially in autumn and winter! That’s why I put together my top 5 things to do in Copenhagen!

5 Things to Do in Copenhagen

1. Nyhavn

This might be a little cliché and touristy, but Nyhavn is a must do when in Copenhagen. Take your time to wander around and enjoy the atmosphere, and maybe even a (pretty expensive) cup of coffee. But do not stop there! Continue your tour through the city center, it’s really worth a good, long walk.

2. Rent a bike

Copenhagen is a good city to explore by bike! With all the bike paths, the only thing you need to take care of is not getting into the way of bikers way faster than you. Again, take your time and go by bike from one spot to the next. This is how you really get to know the city!

3. Tivoli Gardens

It is kinda an attraction park in the city center – although it is not always open in autumn and winter, it is definitely worth to be checked out. There are some rollercoasters and restaurants to explore. Just perfect to feel like a child for a short while during your time in Copenhagen!

4. Rundetårn & Rådhus

If you have been following my blog longer, you might know that I love to see a city from above and always try to find a good lookout. There are two in Copenhagen that made it to this list: The Rådhus is the city hall, and the tower belongs to the highest buildings of the city. The Rundetårn is another tower in the city center, however, it is a little more special. Instead of stairs, a long hallway leads you in circles to the top.

5. Christiania

Christiania is in Copenhagen, and somehow a completely different world all together. Although it lies in the city, it is not part of it, but rather an autonomic community altogether. About 900 people live here, partly in houses they built all by themselves. During Christmas, there is a nice indoor Christmas market in Christiania. Until a couple of years ago, Christiania was mostly known for its drug dealers, although cannabis is illegal in Denmark.

Have you ever been in Copenhagen? And what are your must dos for the city?


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