See you, Munich!

Almost three years – I haven’t stayed in one place for such a long time since I moved abroad for the first time after finishing high school. A lot of laughing, learning and understanding during this time. Especially: Home is where the heart is. And for me, that’s never gonna be Munich.

3 years in Munich

When I first moved back from New York to Europe, I wanted to go to Paris or Hamburg – but due to a job offer my husband got, we eventually decided to go to Munich. I spent the first weeks during autumn 2016 in an empty and cold Airbnb apartment searching for a job. It wasn’t the best start. But after a long winter with time spent mostly inside, I tried to give the city a chance. I started exploring to find some happy places, I started making new friends and I decided to get another job that would make me happier after all. I enjoyed the time here, but always had the thought of moving away in the back of my head – I just knew this would happen one day. So why get too attached? Maybe this was the reason I never completely felt at home in Munich.

Of course I will miss some things – but that’s mostly the people I met in Munich. People I am sure I will see again, with whom I will stay in touch.

Next stop: The Hague

When visiting family and friend for Christmas, my husband and me discussed a lot and decided: It’s time to come home. Four years abroad are more than enough, it’s time to settle somewhere – at least for a bit. And that city is going to be The Hague! When you are reading this, I am probably sitting in the car driving all the way from Munich to The Hague, starting the next chapter there. Closer to family and friends, new jobs and a new beginning. It’s been too long since this happened for the last time. And I am so looking forward to it!


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