Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Prague

It’s been a while since I have been in Prague – but when I travelled there last summer, I totally fell in love with the city. Although I have some other European cities on my bucket list this year, I really want to travel to Prague again, soon. Today, I want to share my top five things to do in Prague with you. If you have more tips, make sure to leave a comment!

My top 5 things to do in Prague

1. Explore the old city of Prague

The old city of Prague is the best part to start your visit. I loved strolling through those little streets and walk between the old buildings, always discovering new little stores and cafés. Take your time to drink a coffee somewhere and just explore. The old city of Prague also has quite some sights to offer, one of them being the Astronomic Clock.

Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Prague - Prag 5

2. To the top! Old Town Hall

I think it’s always great to enjoy the view over a city from a high building if possible – and one of the best points to do so in Prague is the tower of the Old Town Hall. If the line inside is too long, you can easily buy tickets online and skip the ticket line. We did so and did not have to wait for a minute. The view over the city is absolutely amazing, especially when the weather is good!

Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Prague - Prag 1

Walk across Charles Bridge to Prague Castle

Another famous sight in Prague is the Charles Bridge, which you need to cross when you walk from the old city center to Prague Castle. Just before you reach the castle, you need to climb quite some stairs, but it is absolutely worth it! When reaching the top, make sure to enjoy another view over the city first before entering the castle!

Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Prague - Prag 11

4. Have some good food!

Food is always important, and I love trying regional dishes when abroad. From one of those rolled dough-things with strawberries and whipped cream inside you get in the old city center to a five course surprise dinner at the restaurant Eska, I just loved it. Eska definitely was my highlight (make sure to book a table before), but I also loved breakfast at café Savoy!

Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Prague - Prag 2

5. Explore Maná Strada

The old city center is great, but I also always love to explore quarters that are maybe not as popular. We did see several ones, and Maná Strada was the one I liked most – again, lots of small cafés and shops (my favourite one was an old bookstore!) and the John Lennon Wall. Loved getting lost in those small streets again!

Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Prague - Prag 7

Have you ever been to Prague?


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