6 Countries I’d Love to Visit Again

My bucket list of places I wanna visit is long – maybe too long to see everything within the next ten years or so. However, it’s not only filled with countries and places I have never visited before! There are quite some I wanna travel again and again, because I fell in love with them already. My top six countries I definitely wanna visit again soon!

1. Australia

It’s been about two months that I have come back from Australia, and I really wanna go again, soon! Not only because I have seen just a tiny bit of this big country, but also, because I totally fell in love with the culture and the spirit. Three weeks have been enough to see a lot, but it’s far from everything I want to see. Next up will most definitely be Western Australia and maybe the Northern Territory!

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2. Italy

I”ve been to Italy so many times when I was a kid, and I love going back there again and again. And that’s not only because I love pizza and ice cream! I wanna go to Florence soon, and I have never been to the south or the islands yet…

6 Countries I'd Love to Visit Again - Venice 4

3. Japan

It was my first long haul flight and my first time outside of Europe when I was 18. And I loved it! However, even if I had the best of times, I feel like I was not yet ready to capture it all. Plus, obviously, I didn’t see everything. So many places to visit! I’d love to go back to visit Tokyo again, but also to go to Hiroshima and Kyoto, where I have never been before.

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4. France

Paris, my love…a city I wanna visit again and again. But I love the culture in general and there is so much more to see! Not sure, when and what would be up next on my bucket list, but again, the south is definitely high up.

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5. The US

Three times in the US in total, a couple of months living in NYC and a four week road trip through California, Nevada and Arizona just hasn’t been enough! So much more to see – Florida, Texas and Alaska for example. Can’t wait!

6 Countries I'd Love to Visit Again - Yosemite 2

6. Greece

A part of my family is from Greece, but I don’t just wanna go back there for family visits. I love the attitude, the people and the food. And especially the Greek islands are on top of my bucket list!

What are your favourite destinations you’d like to visit again and again?

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