5 Things that Rocked my World in May 2019

May. The first time in ages that I had the impression that time wasn’t passing at all. When I first started thinking about my monthly review, I really thought I wasn’t able to come up with five highlights this time – good thing there is such a thing as a monthly review. Because when I really started thinking about it, I realised how many good things actually happened. So here we go (:

1. Visiting home! My husband and I spent the very first weekend of May in the Netherlands to visit family and friends. We hadn’t done that since January and it was about time! Good to be home, talk to everybody and just enjoy it. There are many perks about living abroad (especially close to the mountains), but there are also some downsides, like constantly missing some people.

2. Spending loads of time with friends. After having been to Australia in April and plenty of stuff to do during the first weeks of May, it was time to spend some time with Munich friends. Going out for dinner or brunch, celebrating birthdays, going shopping…meeting the people who have been with us from the first days in this city always makes me happy!

3. Planning the weekends! We finally made it to Zugspitze in April, and that gave me the idea of planning a little more ahead for the weekends to come. I really wanna spend this summer discovering more of Bavaria and just enjoy everything. I already planned trips to Cologne, Italy and Vienna, and I am sure that there is more to come. Stay tuned!

4. All those long weekends! Although the weather was not the best in May, I just love those long weekends in spring. I have to say that Germany and especially Bavaria is a good place to be when it comes to all those public holidays..in combination with a view days vacation, I actually had three long weekends in May. Love it!

5. Last but not least, we spent another weekend in the Netherlands. This time, it was mainly for the birthdays of my parents in law, and again it was good to spend time with family and friends. Also, due to the good weather, we went on a bicycle tour, which I haven’t done in ages (yes, pretty untypical for a Dutchie…).

What were your highlights in May?


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