5 Things that Rocked my World in October 2019

October is over, time is flying again! Not sure if it’s about getting older that time is passing so fast, but sometimes I’d love to just put everything on pause and just stay in the moment for a bit longer, take a deep breath and continue again. Probably it’s also because life has been pretty busy the past weeks, so time to look back and appreciate what actually happened for a bit.

1. On the first weekend of October, I went to Munich again, not only to say goodbye but to go to Oktoberfest with some friends. Although it wasn’t quite the same as when I was still living there we had a great time and enjoyed it to the fullest.

2. Of course, that weekend in Munich also meant saying goodbye to a lot of things. I am sure I will come back again to visit and I will stay in touch with my friends. But knowing from past moves around the globe I just know how difficult it sometimes can be to actually find the time to visit each other. I am 100% sure that the decision to move was the right one, but saying goodbye will never be my favourite part of moving!

3. Obviously, I still needed a little souvenir to remind me of those three years in Munich. I did that with all cities I lived in and bought little bits and pieces for the house or just for myself. After all, every journey makes you the person you are, and I love to have little reminders of that around! I had my eye on a certain handbag from Aigner Munich for quite some time now, and when I visited Munich again decided to go along the store. I went out with another model, but it was totally worth it!

4. Two weeks after that last weekend in Munich (for now), it was time to move all our stuff. My husband and his father took care of everything in Munich and I just had to wait here in the Netherlands and help get everything out of the moving van again. Insight of the day: we own way too much stuff!! But it felt so good to finally close that chapter and be able to concentrate on the next one…

5. Last but not least, of course I am happy my husband finally moved, too. He had to stay in Munich longer for work. And although we have had a long distance relationship several times already and I could kinda enjoy the time by myself here, too, it’s just way better to be finally together again.

What were your highlights of the past month?


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