Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Brussels

Brussels is the city I have visited the most often by far – as my grandparents lived there and I was there several times a year for over 27 years. And although I still don’t consider Brussels a particularly nice city, the good memories and nostalgia are the reasons I still love to come back and visit. As I think that Brussels is underrated, I put together my top 5 things to do!

My Top 5 Things to Do in Brussels

1. Explore the old city center

One thing I love in Brussels is the old city center – by which I do not mean the Grand Place and the other touristy, mostly crowded places but rather the small streets with cafés and shops. Plan some time to get lost here, just wandering around and let yourself explore it! And yes, definitely stop at the Grand Place and Manneken Pis anyways, because it is a part of the Brussels experience.

2. Eat. Lots. Of. Stuff.

Chocolade, waffles, french fries…they surely know good food! So make sure you are hungry before you go into the city to be able to grab a waffle on the way (Belgaufra has the best, order them plain without any topping). Go to Maison Antoine for the best fries in town and get some good chocolade at Leonidas!

3. Drink some beer!

Next to good food, the Belgians surely know, how to make good beer, too! Although I do not really wanna promote alcohol consumption on this blog, I kinda feel like I have to because if you are in Brussels, trying some of that beer is an absolute must. Try to avoid touristy places such as Delirium and go for smaller bars, there are enough that serve unique beers. And if you do not know what to order, just decide based on the name. That’s how I started out and by accident discovered my favourite beer, Triple Karmeliet.

4. Visit the Atomium

Maybe that’s not really a secret tip, but the Atomium just has to be part of your Brussels experience. Yes, it’s not close to the city center, and it’s smaller than you thought once you are standing in front of it. But it’s worth it! And honestly, it’s one of the few iconic buildings worldwide that I really consider beautiful. Although I have been in Brussels so many times, I only was inside the Atomium once, and that was for work. However, if you don’t want to make the trip out of the city center just for one photo, you should definitely take the time to go inside, too!

Tickets from €8, more info here

5. Get to know the European Parliament

When in Brussels, you can visit the European Parliament and the Parlamentarium. And it’s definitely worth your time! You do not only get a behind the scenes look of European politics, but also learn a lot about European history and the current issues being discussed in the parliament. Also, the entrance is free!

More info here

Have you ever been to Brussels? If yes, what are your tips?


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