Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Tel Aviv

When I visited Israel together with my best friend in May last year, we obviously did not only spend a few days in Jerusalem. We also wanted to see Tel Aviv, although we had heart some very different opinions about the city: some people said it was their favourite spot during their holidays in Israel, others said that the city wasn’t that special compared to others in the country. However, we wanted to get our own impression. Here are my top five things to do in Tel Aviv!

My top 5 must dos in Tel Aviv

1. Relax at Frishman Beach 

It’s not for nothing that they say it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the country! It might get pretty crowded if you don’t go very early in the morning or outside the main season, as all the hotels are right on the other side of the street. But it’s surely worth it! I loved those coloured little houses of the life guards, and I loved enjoying the sun here. It was a very relaxing start into the day!

Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv Frishman Beach

2. Explore Jaffa

Originally, Tel Aviv was a suburb of Jaffa – and now that’s one part of the city you surely shouldn’t miss. I love all those small streets in the old part of the city, where there is so much to explore. Just getting lost and walking around, looking at all those colourful windows and getting a good idea how life here might have been ages ago. Don’t plan on leaving too soon and make sure to walk along the harbour, too!

Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv 5

Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv 3

3. Shopping

Just get lost in those small shops in Jaffa (or on your way back to the modern part of Tel Aviv) – and spend way too much money on things you did not even know you needed. Just those colourful dresses and handmade things, a few accessories…there is so much to see and even more to buy. Don’t plan on finding anything specific, as you might end up buying something completely different anyways.

Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv 2

4. Visit Carmel Market

One part of travelling to mee is always visiting at least one supermarket or food market – no place where you can explore the culture of a country better than there. But the Carmel Market is a whole different level. The fruit- and veggie market is so busy, everybody offers you something to try and even though you feel like you couldn’t fit in anything else, you end up trying more stuff. And it’s so good! If you go to the market by the end of the day, shortly before closing time, you might get lucky and be offered all kind of fruits and vegetable for very good prices – too good to hesitate.

5. Train at Muscle Beach

It’s surely not as big as the one in LA, but Muscle Beach Tel Aviv is worth a visit! I felt a little bit strange trying some exercises just for fun while everybody around me used the appliances for serious training. But it was so much fun! And it’s so motivating, seeing all those sporty people train after coming back home from work.

Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv 6

Have you ever been to Tel Aviv? And what were your highlights of the city?


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