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I’ve been doing this on the German and Dutch version of my blog for quite some time now and realised that some readers find it rather interesting, so time to start in English as well: my read books of the past month! I share with you the books I have read in the past month, and if you want you can leave recommendations or your opinion on a book you read in the comments. Looking forward!

December was a pretty stressful month, so I did not really read many books – at least compared to my average. In total I managed to read about 95 books in 2018, which is a lot, but I only read five of them in December 9plus two mangas). I hope this will change for the better in January to keep up with my statistics!

Fantastic Beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald – J.K. Rowling

An absolute must-read for Potterheads! And that I definitely am. Of course, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldRead: December 2019 - ir?t=exploredreamd 21&l=am2&o=3&a=1408711702 is not a novel, but at least it’s a new book from the Potter-Universe, and I was so much looking forward to reading it. I can’t give away too much about the content here as I don’t want to spoil anybody who has not read or watched part one of the series, but I just loved it. Now I only have to watch the movie!

The List – J.A. Konrath

I read the first book of J.A. Konrath in October, and really loved his way of writing and the thrill in this thriller. So I was lucky to have another e-book of him on my Kindle. I liked the plot of Tom, a police officer, who grew up not knowing what the tattoo of a number under the sole of his foot was supposed to mean. Now he has to find out the hard way – somebody seems to like to see him dead, and not only him. Apparently, there are more people with those tattoos under their feet and Tom needs to find out what this is all about to make sure he does not get killed. The book was exaggerating a bit from time to time, but I still liked it and it was a really quick read – highly recommended for every thriller-fan!

Only Humans – Sylvain Neuvel

The third part of a trilogy, so I can’t give away too much: it is the final story of the big robots that have been found on earth and about Vincent, Rose and Eva who now have to choose sites to make sure humanity does not erase themselves successfully from earth. It was okay, but not as good as the first and second part. However, very quick read due to the fact that it is written completely in form of letters, protocols and such. Good read for all science fiction fans, although I only really can recommend the first book (Sleeping GiantsRead: December 2019 - ir?t=exploredreamd 21&l=am2&o=3&a=1405921897).

Die Schokoladenvilla – Maria Nikolai

Now to the first of two books this month that are only available in German: Die Schokoladenvilla written by Maria Nikolai. It’s a historic novel, and I just loved the story of a girl Judith growing up as daughter of the owner of a chocolate factory close to Stuttgart. It’s obviously about love and also about problems with the business, including her father refusing to letting her become part of it. It’s was well written and although it is a pretty thick book, it did not take too long to finish. Little bummer: it’s supposed to be the first part of a trilogy, and mostly the second and third part of these kind of trilogies cannot reach the quality of the first one. We will see if I will continue reading the series…

Das Gutshaus II – Anne Jacobs

And this is the second book only in German: it’s the second part of the Gutshaus-trilogy by Anne Jacobs. I did not like the book too much – just not enough things that happened. It was rather boring, too many details, not enough story line behind it. Don’t think I will finish reading the series when the third part comes out by the end of the year. So nothing missed!

Which books did you read lately? Any recommendations for me? Especially for thrillers, as that is my most-read genre.

Love from Munich! xx


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