Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Munich

It’s been three years in Munich by now – and I still have the idea that I missed out on quite some things to do and see in this city. Shortly before leaving, I therefore decided to put together my top 5 things to do in Munich for your next trip to Bavaria!

My Top 5 Things to Do in Munich

1. Climb Alter Peter

I love to have a good view and see a city from above. Best place to do so in Munich is definitely the tower of the church Alter Peter close to Marienplatz. Be aware that there is no elevator or anything, so you will literally have to climb the stairs (about 300 of them) to get to the top. But the view is worth it! It costs 3 euros only to enter, however, it might get pretty crowded up there so make sure to go early in the morning.

2. Take a walk at the Englischer Garten

It’s probably the biggest park in Munich, and it is so nice to get out of the city! Of course, one of the most touristy attraction is definitely the surfers at the Eisbachwelle (which might be there even in winter when it’s not too cold). However, especially when it’s nice and sunny out, join all the Munich people after work, sitting on the grass and drinking and eating. Because, yes, in Germany, you are allowed to drink in public.

3. Explore the old town

The city center of Munich is definitely worth some time – just walk around and leave the main streets to see the nice old building, little shops and cafés. It’s perfect to go shopping, too. If you prefer the most common brands and chains, just walk down Kaufinger Straße. For designer brands, you should rather choose Maximilianstraße.

4. Visit museums

There are so many museums in Munich to visit! When you are looking for some art, go to one of the three Pinakotheken. But there is also the biggest scientific and technology museum in the world: the Deutsches Museum. Although I am not too interested in museums, I loved going there, because there is so much to see.

5. Get out of the city center!

While most tourists stay in the city center, it’s definitely worth to get out and explore more. And I am not talking about day trips out of the city! You can easily take the subway to see the Olympiapark, where you can enjoy open air cinema in the summer. Also, when there is a concert going on in the Olympiastadium and you did not manage to get tickets, just go to the park anyways – you can hear the music around the stadium, too. Close to the park is the BMW world, in case you are interested in cars. Another thing to do might be the Allianz Arena, where you can do guided tours when there is no game going on.

Bonus: Go to a Biergarten or Oktoberfest

Most tourists visit Hofbräuhaus, but there are way better ways to enjoy the Bavarian culture. Go to one of the Biergartens close to the city center. Bring your own food and just get a beer or buy Bavarian pretzels and enjoy the hopefully warm and nice weather. When you happen to be in the city for Oktoberfest, you should definitely visit. When you did not reserve a table, go in the morning, when it’s still empty, and try to get in anyways. If that’s not possible, try to get a seat in the Biergarten in front of one of the tents.

Have you been in Munich before? And what are your tips to visit the city?


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