5 Things that Rocked my World in July 2019

July has been such a crazy month! It was my last month of working in Munich before moving back to the Netherlands – and as you might guess, there has been a lot going on lately. I am very much looking forward to just relaxing all August and finally start working on the blog a bit more again before starting my new position in the Netherlands! However, I still want to take the time to look back on my highlights of the past month. Here we go!

1. Getting out of my comfort zone! July started very exciting with a flight above Landshut in an old Cessna. I don’t mind flying as long as there are no turbulences, so getting into that little plane really was getting out of my comfort zone. But as always, it felt very good afterwards.

2. Enjoying summer to the fullest. Summer is my favourite time in Munich – the city really gets a little Italian touch when the sun is out. Being outside and enjoying the good weather was definitely one of my highlights in July.

3. This was the one thing I couldn’t wait for to happen in July: Together with two friends I went to the Pink concert in Munich. The tickets had been pinned to the fridge for ages, and it was definitely worth the wait!

4. My last day at work – I knew that this day was coming for a few months, but it was still so weird. After such a long time of finishing off projects, it was relieving to be finally done, but at the same time saying goodbye is always hard. Especially when you enjoy what you are doing and your colleagues somehow have become your friends. The weirdest part though is that I’ll be moving about 1,000 kms far away, so no chance of meeting them regularly afterwards.

5. A few days offline. To be honest, this started in the end of July and continued in the first days of August. To focus on finishing off at work and saying goodbye to everyone, I decided to leave Insta and the blog be and just live by the day. Went really well, but I am so happy to be back online and work on some blogposts (finally in English, too…).

What were your highlights in August?


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