Why blogging has become annoying sometimes.

There wasn’t much news from me over the past months – especially not on the English version of my blog. Why? Probably because I was busy. Traveling the US, moving back to Europe (in an apartment without internet for several weeks) and finally the new job all took pretty much time for me.

I would have loved to invest that time in my blog. Don’t misunderstand me: I love being here, meeting new people, and the job is challenging, which is great. But the pressure of posting regularly on the blog and on social media (not to start about interacting with other accounts, that’s a different story) is there – and keeps me from blogging. When I have a moment, I have too many plans, too many thoughts in my head and not enough time to do it all. Which, most of the time, results in me not blogging at all. Or starting a text and then just deleting it.

I have thought a lot about just deleting the entire blog and leaving it as it is. But then I realized: the blog is a hobby, and I don’t want to miss it. The pressure I have in my head and is keeping me from enjoying it, is something I invented myself. Yes, maybe I will have less readers, when I only post a few times a month. No, maybe I won’t reach more people if I don’t post two pictures on Instagram each day. But: as long as I am enjoying blogging, there is nothing wrong with doing it whenever I want to.

Of course, readers are an important part of the blog, but when I just post whatever I can think of quickly enough so I can write it in the few hours I have or just produce 10 texts in a row because I need to – then the quality get’s lost. And that will lead to less readers for sure.

So: one of the things I plan to change in 2017 is getting rid of this pressure. Of this invented pressure that is not really there. And to get back to the quality posts with good pictures, that might actually interesting for my readers.

What about you?


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