Travel Tip: 5 Things to Do in Enschede | The Netherlands

It’s been a while since I lived in Enschede, the Netherlands, but I still like to visit when I am somewhere close. It’s a great city for students, but also to visit for a day or two when visiting the Netherlands. Today, I put together 5 tips of what you could or should do when in Enschede!

5 Things to Do in Enschede

1. Visit the market

Twice a week, the Van Heekplein (big square in the city center) turns into a market, and it is great to visit. Not only because of the atmosphere and the possibility to shop fresh veggies / fruit / meat / whatever, but also as you often get the chance to try different things. I always enjoyed walking over the market and buying some stuff when I still lived in Enschede (for one year, I was living in an appartment located directly at the Van Heekplein, which was great). It can be busy, especially on Saturdays, but it’s still worth it!

2. Shopping!

Enschede is the perfect city for a shopping trip. You can find all the big chains, but also some smaller stores when walking from the main streets into smaller ones right and left. Everything is located around the Van Heekplein and the Oude Markt, which is perfect for a shopping trip!

3. Have a coffee or beer at the Oude Markt

The Oude Markt is the old central square in Enschede, with a church in the middle and many cafés around it. It is the perfect place to sit in the sun and enjoy some snacks, a coffee or beer after your shopping trip. At night time, the cafés turn into bars and clubs, so if you are seeking for a good place to start your party tour in Enschede, this is the place to go, too.

4. Join a tour at the Grolsch brewery

After you have seen the city center, I would recommend to do a brewery tour at the Grolsch brewery. I did it once, and it is super interesting and you get to taste all their beer!

5. Have some ice cream at Van der Poel

The best ice cream in town! They have two shops, one is located at the Oude Markt, the other one is close to the central station. It might get crowded in the summer, but it is totally worth it to wait in line for your ice cream. I love their Strawberry Cheesecake flavour, but they have so many – make sure to try several ones!

Have you ever been to Enschede? And do you have other tips?


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