Travel Plans: My Plans for September | California & Hawaii

Some of them might have seen it on Facebook or read about it here on the blog before: I am planning a road trip for the time after my internship here in New York is over. Until now, I didn’t really say anything concrete, because I didn’t wanna share my plans before it was certain, but now, I finally booked the flights and here are my travel plans for September!

When am I going?

Obviously, I am going in September. I will work until the end of August, and as the period I can stay in the US with the same visa is limited to one month, I’m not going to stay in New York for long after my last day at work. I want to use as much time as I can to travel. and even if it will definitely be hard to say goodbye to this city, I prefer spending my time at places I have never been before.


Nope, I won’t be traveling alone. My boyfriend has been here in New York with me, and he will also join for the road trip, and we are both very excited. We have never been to California and Hawaii, so this is a first for both of us. First, I was planning to go with a friend and both of our boyfriends, and have a road trip in Florida before heading to some Caribbean island, but plans changed. Now she is visiting me here in New York before I leave, with maybe a short trip over a weekend to Miami.

Road Trip & Hawaii

We will fly from New York to San Francisco, where we will stay a couple of days, before renting a car and going to different stops making our way to LA. Some National Parks are on the way, as well as Santa Cruz, San Jose, Death Valley, Las Vegas and San Diego. As soon as we reach LA, we fly to Hawaii for a week – and afterwards, we still have some days in LA before heading back to Europe on September 27. I didn’t make any concrete plans yet, how long we are going to stay where – we will see over the next weeks, when we book all hotels and plan more in detail.

Other Travel Plans for 2016

Currently, the road trip and the week in Hawaii are the only things that are really planned. I have some other things in mind that I would love to do, but I guess that depends on the finances and whatever is going to happen after New York. I know for sure that I will visit a friend of me in Lübeck, Germany, where I have never been before. And I’ll definitely be in Brussels for a weekend or two, visiting my family there.

I’d also love to visit my little brother in Seoul over Christmas, but it doesn’t look as if that’s going to happen – but I’ll keep you posted if there is anything planned ahead!

What are your travel plans for this summer?


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