Travel Bucket List 2019 – Update

In January, I published my travel bucket list on the blog – not only with some destinations I wanted to visit, but also with activities I’d like to try and things I’d like to do over the coming months. Almost a year later, it’s time to look back on what I accomplished so far. Due to all those crazy and unforeseen changes (more or less) such as the move from Munich to The Hague, obviously the bucket list wasn’t a priority at times. But although I didn’t do everything on the list, I am more than happy with the experiences I had instead and looking forward to another year with many chances to discover new places!

☐ Learn to surf

Let’s start with this one: Uhm, no, didn’t happen. Although I spent three weeks in Australia in March and April, for some reason I didn’t get to surf as there were other activities on my bucket list at that time (and the weather wasn’t perfect for my first surf lesson). But now that I moved closer to the coast, I am pretty sure I’ll give it a chance next year!

☐ Go on holidays with my best friend

No, we didn’t manage to go on holidays together in 2019, and probably also won’t in 2020. With the move from Munich to The Hague and both having changed jobs (which means not being able to take a week or longer off in the period after), we just couldn’t find a good time. And although it still might be difficult next year, we already started planning two city trips, just to be sure.

✓ Visit someplace I have never been before

Okay, let’s face it, this is an easy one, and obviously I managed to visit a place I have never been before. For example all those wonderful places in Australia. But it will always remain on my list (and maybe even pushed to visit a new place once a month) to remind myself of keeping exploring, even when every day life is getting busy.

✓ See more of Bavaria

Not sure if I can tick this one off or not. Because yes, I definitely explored some more of Bavaria, but not as much as I was hoping to. When I wrote this list in the beginning of 2019, I didn’t really foresee that the move back to the Netherlands was going to happen so soon, and thought I would have a whole year. So yes, for the time I was still living in Munich, I can check this off – although I would have liked to see more.

☐ Visit friends

Another one that only happened to a certain degree – because, yes, I visited my best friend for carnival in Cologne and I also went back to Munich to see friends in October. But visiting friends in Berlin, Budapest and Manchester never happened, so I’ll keep this one on next year’s list and hope to visit some more people soon!

☐ Learn or improve a language

Hahahaha, I completely forgot about this one. Not sure if it counts that I started to speak French again for work (although it’s not enough to improve it, yet). But…Spanish and Greek are pretty high on my list, so I’ll probably not forget this one again next year.

I also had plans to visit some cities in 2019: Berlin, Paris, Budapest, Florence and Vienna. But after all those months, I have only been to Berlin – and although I really still want to go to all those other cities, I am happy with the places I explored instead. So no regrets on my site, I just love to see how live changes all those plans you had in the beginning of the year. What were your travel plans in 2019?


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