The Blogger Behind: 1,000 Questions to Myself #1

It’s been a couple of years since I first started to answer a series of 1,000 questions about myself here on the blog. But I never made it through, as somewhere in between I lost interest and had the impression that nobody was reading it anyways. But now I think, as we all have more than enough time being stuck in what seems to be an endless lockdown, I might give it another try. In case you wanna join in, feel free to drop your answers or link to your blogposts in the comments below so I can put the link in the post!

1. When are you starting to answer these questions?

It’s March 2021 now. I am currently answering more questions than only the 20 that I am putting online now, but not planning on answering more than 20 in one blogpost as it might be a little much.

2. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

That’s a good one! I guess that must have been the first time playing Ticket to Ride (which I loved) and going to the Dutch province of Zeeland last weekend.

The Blogger Behind: 1,000 Questions to Myself #1 - Zeeland

3. Who understands you best?

That would be my best friend!

4. What are you spending too much time on?

I overthink too much, especially things I cannot influence anyways. And obviously, I spend too much time on social media.

5. Which jokes to you find the funniest?

Not particularly jokes, but sarcastic comments in any social setting.

6. Do you mind crying in front of others?

Yes, actually it does. Obviously there are people whom I don’t mind seeing me cry, but even then I do not like it.

7. What do you eat for breakfast?

Mostly only coffee.

8. In what way are you like your mother?

We are actually pretty different in most ways. But we are both very pragmatic.

9. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Turn off my alarm! And currently, I pick up a book to read a little as I have more time due to home office.

10. Are you good at reading out loud to others?

Well, I can read to others. But I’m not good at imitating all the voices and that kinda things.

11. Until what age did you believe in Santa Claus?

I actually never did. In Germany, it’s not Santa Claus who brings the presents, but it is the ‘Christkind’. However, I have no clue until which age I believed in it. Probably something around primary school age.

12. What will you absolutely buy one day?

A beach house!

13. Which character trait would you love to have?

I’d love to be more sarcastic to be able to answer with a good comment in any situation!

14. What’s your favourite TV show?

I love the Dutch show Who is the mole. It’s about candidates who earn money by playing games, but one of them is actually the mole who tries to sabotage them (in a subtle way). In the end of each episode, everybody needs to take a test on who they think the mole is and the candidate with the most wrong answers has to go home.

15. When was the last time you went to a theme park?

I went to the Dutch park Efteling in November, shortly before everything closed down again.

The Blogger Behind: 1,000 Questions to Myself #1 - Efteling 1

16. How old do you want to become?

There is not really a figure that I have in my head of how old I wanna become. However, I’d love to stay active and fit as long as possible.

17. Which holiday do you remember most vividly?

Many. But I guess the holiday I think back to the most is Australia. I just loved it there and would love to visit again as soon as possible.

The Blogger Behind: 1,000 Questions to Myself #1 - CradleMountain 2

18. How does a broken heart feel like?

Terrible. It feels like a part of you is lost and for some time, you have no clue anymore who you are, where you are and who you want to become. And at that point, it feels like it’s never gonna be over.

19. Would you like to have another name?

No, I’m good with Alex.

20. When was the last time you were doubting yourself?

I often doubt myself, which I don’t necessarily consider as a negative character trait. But I often do so when I am in an insecure situation. The last time was when I was applying for a new job as my contract wasn’t prolonged. Applying in the middle of a pandemic is not really easy, and applying for jobs itself is already stressful enough. During this time, I doubted myself and my career choice so many times…


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