Read: January 2019

It’s crazy how fast time is passing at the moment – although January sometimes felt super long. I don’t even know where this is coming from or how to explain it, so let’s just skip the long introduction and get straight to the books I read in the past month. Next to those summarized below, I also read three that are only available in German. As those are explained in the German version of this post, I guess there would be no use to translate that – whoever might be interested in reading them, just click on German on the right side of the article!

The One Real Thing – Samantha Young

A book you don’t really need to think about while reading because it’s just an easy and nice novel. The One Real ThingRead: January 2019 - ir?t=exploredreamd 21&l=am2&o=3&a=B0191WS0K4 is about Jessica, who works as a doctor in jail, but when finding some letters written by a former convict, decides to take those letters to the person they were intended for. Her research brings her to the little time Hartwell, where she stays for a longer time out to think about her life. As you might expect from these kind of novels it all turns out way different than she first expected. I liked the book, although some of Jessica’s decisions were kinda ridiculous – but that’s what you get with these kind of books.

Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office – Lois P. Frankel

Last year, I decided I wanted to read more business books, but for some reason, I never did. I started that again this year, starting off with Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner OfficeRead: January 2019 - ir?t=exploredreamd 21&l=am2&o=3&a=1455558893. Basically, it’s all about mistakes women make sabotaging their own career. I have to say that there were some solid points in there, although I felt that some points were a little outdated nowadays. Although this was the reviews version, I guess some things have changed over the past years, for women now starting to build their career. But still, if you are looking for something helping you to improve professionally, this might be a good start.

The other Wife – Michael Robotham

Not knowing that this was actually part 11 of the Joe O’Loughlins series, I read The Other WifeRead: January 2019 - ir?t=exploredreamd 21&l=am2&o=3&a=0751562815 by Michael Robotham. Luckily, it’s not too bad as it’s a case in itself, only the protagonists are the same. It’s all abut Joe’s father who fell down the stairs and is now in the hospital. When Joe arrives, there is a strange woman sitting at his father’s bed, holding his hand. She says that she is his wife, although Joe has never seen her in his entire life and his mother is on her way to the hospital, too. He now has to find out about his father’s secrets and if he really just fell down the stairs. I liked the book, although some parts were kinda getting boring and too long. However, still a good thriller!

Which books have you been reading the past month? Any recommendations?


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