Outfit: Wearing Dresses in Winter

Dresses. I haven’t really worn any over the past year – except for those I needed to wear due to the dresscode at my old job. But I wasn’t really enjoying that anyways, although I loved creating outfits with dresses when I still lived in New York. For 2018, I kinda decided I’d like to change that again – especially after I ran into this beauty during my shopping trip after Christmas. Just love it!

Dresses in winter

Due to the color and the fabric, this dark red dress is not really an option for the summer – it would simply be too warm. I prefer darf colors in autumn and winter, therefore I decided to make the first look on the blog this year a dress. During the week I spent in New York City, I combined the dress with my dark grey wintercoat (obviously, as this was during the snow hitting the city) and thick black ties. Adding a scarf to it and wearing some ankleboots, it was almost ready for the winterweather outside.

Outfit: Wearing Dresses in Winter - Winterdress 4 Outfit: Wearing Dresses in Winter - Winterdress 5 Outfit: Wearing Dresses in Winter - Winterdress 2Outfit: Wearing Dresses in Winter - Winterdress 1

I have to admit that after the shooting, I was more than happy to return to the hotel and adding a few layers of clothes to the outfit. For a usual winter day, this would have been a perfect look, but for staying out longer during a blizzard, it was just not warm enough. What do you think of my look?

Looking forward to share some more outfits and different looks with dresses with you this year. I am trying to get at least one outfit a week up on the blog, plus obviously trying to finally translating more posts to English again. This kinda did not happen at all during the past year, just due to a lack of time. Working on it!

How was your first week of the new year?

Love from Munich! xx




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