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Finding the perfect winter coat is not always easy! You need to make sure it looks good and matches your personal style, while at the same time it should be fashionable and timeless. You wear that coat every day during winter (or at least almost, as you might have several ones), so you don’t want to get tired of it too quickly.

I have been struggling with finding the perfect winter coat for some years. I used to have only one (as spending most winters abroad due to my studies and not being able to take too much stuff with me), and although I always loved my jackets and coats in the beginning, I quickly saw only the flaws and didn’t like them anymore. Over the past years, I was able to build up a little collection – but I am still convinced that less is more and therefore always choose carefully. I want a coat to match the rest of my wardrobe and always hope that it will make me happy for several seasons. So here are my four tipps on how to find the perfect winter coat!

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How to find the perfect winter coat

1. The fit – coats come in all kinds of shapes. So the first thing to narrow down your choice is to find the perfect fit! Do you prefer a rather loose fit? Should it be more functional or more fashionable? Longer or shorter? Once you find a shape that you like, you already crossed out many fits and can then look more carefully on the styles that are left. I found out quickly that I prefer longer coats rather than jackets in winter, but that I do not like too long coats. Still loads of choices, but by concentrating on that, I can find a perfect winter coat more easily.

2. The material – another important question. E.g. when it comes to functionality. Do you need a winterjacket that is water repelling? Also, each material creates a different kind of look. More functional jackets go well with a sporty look while wool or comparable materials are rather elegant.

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3. Colors and patterns – I love seeing jackets and coats in bright colours and patters, especially in winter. BUT I never buy them. Because I know I get tired of it too quickly, and they do not match most of my clothes, so I won’t wear it often. It is easier to create a colourful outfit by changing the look underneath the coat, because then you also get to wear the coat on a day that you do not feel like wearing bright colours.

4. Trends – sometimes, trends are super cool and you would really love to join them. Which is fine, just think about it twice, if a winter coat should really be a trend piece. Because sooner or later, the trend will be over anyways, and chances are you will not want to wear your winter coat after the trend is over. This is why I always try to avoid trends when it comes to coats and prefer timeless ones.

Outfit: The Winter Coat // The Hague - Outfit Coat 2

Outfit: The Winter Coat // The Hague - Outfit Coat 7

Have you already found your perfect winterjacket or coat for this season?

// Coat: SELECTED FEMME // Turtleneck: SELECTED FEMME // Jeans: WE // Sneakers: Nike //


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