My USA Bucket List

Honestly – the USA hasn’t been on top of my bucket list for quite some time. Until I visited for the first time, fell in love with New York and decided to come back for longer. Once I stayed for some time, I fell in love with the country, even more so when I travelled across California and flew to Hawaii. Ever since then, my bucket list of places to visit in the US has been constantly growing!

My US Bucket List

1. Chicago, Illinois

I already wanted to visit when I still lived in NYC, but for some reason that never happened. I am pretty sure I will love the city, because I have read so many great blogposts about it. And as I love big cities in general, I’d just love to explore another major US city.

2. Boston, Massachusetts

Another city I actually wanted to visit while I stayed in NYC, but it never happened. For some reason, there was just too much to do in New York that kept me from going anywhere else. I have been wanting to go to Boston for ages, and again, I am pretty sure I will like the city once I am there.

3. Niagara Falls, New York

One last destination I already wanted to visit but never did – the Niagara Falls. Maybe the most obvious one on this list, as it is some kind of bucket list destination in general. But I am sure I will go there once I am back in New York to visit!

4. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Oh yes, I have been to the Grand Canyon back in 2016, but I still want to go there again, When we started our road trip through California, we met a couple that told us about hiking into the Grand Canyon, We didn’t have enough time to do so, as we only had three weeks for our planned trip, and wanted to see so many things. I loved going to the Grand Canyon for just a day, but I am sure to come back again to see more of it.

5. Yosemite National Park, California

Same story – we went, but didn’t have enough time to really go on hikes and enjoy the impressive nature of Yosemite. That’s why I really wanna come back again and take more time next time around!

6. Monument Valley, Arizona

I’ve never been to Monument Valley, but I’d just love to see these unique stone formations in real live. When coming to the other two national parks once again, I’m sure I’ll also take the time to visit Monument Valley!

7. Michigan

Maybe not the most popular destination on a US-bucket list, but I wanna come to Michigan for a more personal reason: Quite some years ago, I met an exchange student at my school. She stayed over at our house, and although it was a short period as her group travelled around Europe, we got along really well. And I promised her that one day I’d visit her in Michigan. Still planning to do so, although we are not in close contact anymore!

8. Big Island, Hawaii

I fell in love with Hawaii the first time around, when I only visited O’ahu. The next time, I am planning on flying to Big Island, mostly to experience more of the unique nature of the islands!

9. New Orleans, Louisiana

Music, good food and just enjoying life – that’s the image that I have of New Orleans, although I’ve never been there. However, I really want to go!

10. Florida

Florida has also been on my list for some time. It actually was our alternative plan to California, but obviously we then decided to fly west. Road tripping through Florida, from the Everglades to Miami and Orlando, just seems like a pretty good plan! Include a long weekend on the Bahamas, and you got a perfect vacation!

11. Alaska

To be honest, this is currently not very high up on my bucket list. However, I still wanna go some day. Alaska has been on the list since our class teacher showed us some photos of his travels there, showing some bears fishing. I then knew that I wanted to see that, too – and I am sure I will one day.

Have you been to any of these destinations yet?


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