Lesson Learned: The Perfect Basics

Some things never change – one of them being the basics that I have been wearing for a big part of my life now. I’m not talking about the exact same top I bought 10 years ago, but about the general choice of basics in my closet. Although, from time to time, I get the idea that I need to change something about it, I learned by now that it’s fine to have a certain ‘signature style’: Things you can always count on, especially on days that you don’t know which look to go for. This is a lesson I’ve learned over the years. Because basics are perfect for combining in different ways over and over again. And if they make you feel comfortable on a stressful day, then there is no need to change your style in general. These are the basic looks / items you’ll find in my closet and see in many outfits here on the blog – always combined differently, of course:


According to my friends, this is really ‘my thing’: clothes with stripes. And when I think about it, that’s kinda true. I think I own at least one striped item in each clothing category I have in my closet. And yes, stripes might get boring, but with so many striped items, you have so many option to always combine them in different styles over and over again!

All Black

Another look I love to wear, especially on days I don’t feel very good or just want a simple, quick outfit without thinking about it for too long, I go for an all black look. Again, there are so many options to combine black items in different ways, and there is hardly any moment where all black is not suited. And it’s perfect for casual or not so casual looks. Basically, for everything!

White shirts

Obviously, another item I wear a lot: White shirts! Just love them, and again, the possibility to combine them with almost everything. Perfect with jeans for a casual look or with a skirt or pants for a more formal look. By now, my collection of white shirts has become quite big. However, I am sure it will be extended even more in the future!


I couldn’t live without sneakers anymore! I also love other kinds of shoes, but sneakers are my absolute favorites. Ages ago, I almost only wore Allstars (and still love them). By now, my collection has grown to a couple of pairs in several colours. That way, there is always at least one pair that goes with a look. And I just love combining them with looks that usually would go with more formal shoes, like skirts or dresses. Sneakers can always be a perfect fit!

Silver accessories

I love silver accessories. And that’s not only because gold kinda doesn’t fit my skin tone. When going for one colour (most of the time), you never have to think about which items you can or cannot combine. Because honestly, I’m not a big fan of gold and silver accessories in one look (at least not for me, it can look great on others but always looks kinda messy on me). Honestly, I mostly only wear my rings and one pair of earrings, but sometimes also add a necklace or bracelet to the mix.

What are your perfect basics?

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