Lesson Learned: The Handbag

Handbags. I hardly know any woman who is not somehow obsessed with handbags – either with one in particular or with the subject in general. It took me a while to realize that a high amount of handbags does not necessarily mean good style, especially when the quality does not really play a role in your choices.

Lesson Learned: The Handbag

When I was younger, I didn’t use any handbags at all – until I discovered that they are somehow handy. However, when I came to that point, I decided owning as many as possible might be the best thing to do. With a limited budget of a young student not always easy! As you can imagine, the quality of my purchases was mostly as low as the prices, what quickly showed in my looks. Also, my choices of handbags mostly didn’t really make sense at all – stylewise, but also when it came to model and color. It took me a while to discover that there is more to handbags than just quantity.

The first “expensive” handbag

I don’t even remember which year it was, but at some point, my aunt gave me my first Longchamp handbag for my birthday. By then, the price was super expensive to me, although now, I consider it reasonable for a high quality handbag. I had never been a particular fan of the style, but quickly discovered the advantages: it was handy, it was useful and it looked good, also after months and years of using it. While other handbags were worn often only a couple of times, this one lasted way longer for me. I actually stil have it and use it regularly, while all other handbags have found another owner or been thrown away. When it came to the decision which bag to take with me to NYC when I moved there, the choice quickly fell on my Longchamp. And it was just right! It was around that time that I started to think more about designer handbags and tried to figure out, if maybe one day I might have one. I started to save money and stopped buying cheap handbags completely – I just didn’t see the point anymore.

The first designer handbag

I decided to finally buy the Chloé Faye last year, when it was on offer for Black Friday. It wasn’t spontaneous, I had been saving for it and thinking a lot about the model before – because even on sale, the handbag is not really cheap. I also chose the color carefully to be sure that I will still enjoy it in a couple of years and not get tired of it quickly. And I have to say – I am still over the moon with my choice! I just love to wear the bag, and it gives (almost) every look a pretty good upgrade.

Does that mean I think you have to invest over 1000 bucks for a good handbag? Most definitely not. But I think it is worth thinking about quality rather than quantity when it comes to handbags or accessories in general, and sometimes go for a more expensive model rather than owning a high amount.


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