Lesson Learned: The Business Look

It’s time to start on a new series for my blog: Lesson Learned! I got the inspiration for this from the book Love x Style x Live by Garance Doré. She writes about her life as a fashion blogger and how she got where she is now – but also about the lessons she learned along the way. I like this idea of sharing lessons, so that’s what this new series is all gonna be about!

Lesson Learned: The Business Look

When I moved to New York in 2016 I didn’t only have to deal with everything around the move, but also with a new dresscode. Having worked in offices where nobody cared about what I was wearing, dressing according to a business dresscode was new to me. After some Google research and a shopping trip, I felt pretty well prepared. After the first day in the office, however, I realized that business dresscode is a something that can be interpreted in different ways. It wasn’t as strict as I expected it to be, and after a week or so, I started to go with the flow and dared to wear some outfits that wouldn’t be appropriate in a real business dresscode.

Lesson Learned: The Business Look - DSC 0221 683x1024

After a few months, we got a new intern starting in the company. From the first day, she didn’t really give us the impression that she knew about the dresscode at all – mostly it was just fine, but from time to time she was wearing outfits that were not really matching the expectations. One day, she exaggerated a little: coming to the office in ripped jeans, a Levi’s shirt and a leather jacket, she was sent home to get changed directly. After I had felt overdressed and sometimes kinda weird next to her (because, let’s be honest, I also feel more comfy in jeans and t-shirts!) I realized that day, that you have to take things like a dresscode serious, if you want to be taken serious yourself.

Have you learnt fashion lessons the hard way? Let me know in the comments below!

The pics are from this outfit from New York – still one of my favs on the blog!


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