Inspiration: The perfect Sunglasses!

Am I the only one who has problems finding the perfect sunglasses every year? Except for the ones from Cheap Monday which I can wear whenever I don’t feel like putting in my contacts, I almost always need ages to find sunglasses I’m completely happy with.

Because it’s not only that I need to like them and that I want some stylish ones, but also that I often think they don’t fit with my face and then I need to try them on at least a hundred times before I decide if I’ll buy them or not – and then summer is almost over. So in the end, I always stick with the same (mostly rather cheap) sunglasses…

For this year, I actually found two pairs that I really like, but now I am looking into getting some higher quality ones in a style I have liked for years. Anyways, I looked for some stylish and trendy alternatives online in different price ranges, and to be honest, there might be one or two pairs that I actually might order…



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