Friday Favorites: The Office Look

The office look – after having worked in an office with a rather causal dresscode for more than two years, I had to get used to finding the perfect look for work again when moving to the Netherlands. Although I still do not need to dress up or wear business professional dresscode in the office, I really enjoy wearing my blazers, nice pants and skirts again, which have stayed in my closet in the past because I felt too overdressed wearing them in the old office. So as you might guess, when browsing through online stores or through the city at the moment, I am mostly looking for new blazers, skirts and dresses – which is why I put together my favorites for you today. Here we go!


Blazers are so easy to style and make almost every look a little more business like within a few seconds. Even with jeans, sneakers and a simple shirt, a blazer can create a casual office look easily. That’s why I love wearing blazers at the moment! Next to some basic models I already have, I am currently looking for some more colorful ones, or even one with a pattern. What do you think of my collection?


Another thing I love to wear to the office are skirts. Depending on how you style the rest of the look, many skirts can pass for a rather casual or a business look, whatever you are aiming for. Although I have to admit skirts are not necessarily the most practical thing to wear with this windy weather in The Hague…


Another thing that is great to wear in the office are dresses – especially in autumn. You automatically look a little bit more chique when wearing a dress rather than with pants in my opinion (although I have to admit that this also depends on the dress). Again, with all the wind in the Netherlands, it’s probably not the perfect outfit at all times, however, I just love these dresses. What do you think?

What are your favorite items for the office?


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