Friday Favorites: Autumn Vibes

Finally autumn is here! I know lots of people would prefer to have some last summer days to enjoy the sun sitting outside, but autumn is just my absolute favourite time of the year and I am so excited about the weather getting colder again. No wonder most of my closet is filled with autumny pieces! However, I still love browsing through online shops looking for some new additions to my closet. So here are my favourites for this year!


When it’s getting colder, there’s nothing better than wearing a warm cardigan. I love the longer ones you can really wrap around you to get cozy! As you might guess, I already own quite a few, however I am still missing one with stripes. And I really love the yellow one, although it’s just not really my color.


Another absolute favourite! I own many pairs of sneakers, but I own even more pairs of boots – mostly black. And I just keep looking for new ones, although I know I already have more than enough. But unfortunately, I don’t have all my boots with me in The Hague at the moment, so obviously I desperately need to stock up!


No autumn without a cozy jacket! Especially here, close to the coast, I couldn’t leave the house without one, due to all the wind. Love it! Although I recently decided that less clothes is more and I don’t wanna buy that much anymore, I am still looking for a good jacket to invest in for this year. I mean…how could I resist?

Are you also looking forward to autumn as much as I am? And what are your favourite pieces when it starts to get colder again?

Love from The Hague xx


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