Eat&Drink: The Ides Bar | Williamsburg, New York

I’ve been to this bar a few times in 2016, but somehow never managed to take some pictures: The Ides Bar in Williamsburg. When I was back in January, we came here again to have a drink and I decided to give it some space on the blog as I really love the views!

Next to the views, and the okayish prices (compared to NYC-rooftop prices, anyways!) I like the fact that the tip is already included. Coming from a culture where it is not normal to give such a high tip it is always annoying to calculate what you should give at a certain point. So this little fact (they let you know when they bring the check, no worries) really makes me appreciate the bar even more.

Eat&Drink: The Ides Bar | Williamsburg, New York - Rooftop 1

The Ides Bar – Wythe Hotel

The bar is on top of the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, about 10 minutes walking from Bedford Avenue (at least if you don’t get lost on the way as I do almost every time due to my bad navigation skills…). In summer, there is often a line outside the hotel of people waiting to go up. It usually moves pretty fast as there are many people just going up for the view without staying for a drink.

Eat&Drink: The Ides Bar | Williamsburg, New York - Rooftop 3

Once you are on the elevator, you go up to the sixth floor. Inside, you have some tables directly next to the huge windows pointing towards Manhattan. Obviously, it’s hard to find a space when it’s crowded, but no worries, there is almost always enough space at the bar. And if that’s not enough, you can go outside. On the rooftop you have the view towards Manhattan, but also towards Williamsburg. Love it, also at night!

Have you been to The Ides Bar before?

The Ides Bar
Wythe Hotel

80 Wythe Street
Williamsburg, New York

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