Eat&Drink: Ellis Burger | Brussels

As I already mentioned earlier, for me restaurants are an important part of travelling, and good meals make the journey even more enjoyable. When I am at home (which means in this case where I feel home), I enjoy cooking, but on the road I prefer just testing new restaurants or visiting those I liked in the past.

As you can guess from the name, Ellis Burger serves mainly burgers. Of course you could save some euros and just get a burger atthe next fastfood restaurant, but then you would really miss something, and the prizes won’t keep you from those delicious burgers anyway. Ellis Burger is only one out of two really good burger restaurants I visited here in Brussels so far, but it’s the one I liked more.

They do not only offer the classic hamburger, but also more special ones with for example lamb or an Indian burger. The chicken burger is absolutely worth a try as not only the sauce is super delicious but the grilled vegetables make it really special and good. When you cannot decide for only one burger on the menu, which is sometimes really difficult, you can also try the three miniburgers. Next to french fries with really good mayonese you could also order half a corn as side dish or just a salat. There are also some desserts on the menu, but until now I never made it that far. Definitely worth a try when you are in Brussels! (:


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