Eat & Drink: L&B Spumoni Gardens | Brooklyn

When my brother was in town to visit, I wanted to try some new restaurants and go to some special places to show my brother as much as possible of New York. When I told my colleagues, they told me to go to L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn.

I was really surprised that there was such a place somewhere close to where we live, as it is quite far downtown Brooklyn, but my colleagues directly started talking about the pizza trays and that I should make sure to go there one day. The pizza is kinda special as the cheese is under the tomato sauce, and the dough is quite high, but not too dry…that sounded good so we decided to go there about a week ago.

Eat & Drink: L&B Spumoni Gardens | Brooklyn - DSC 0209

We were not sure if half a tray would be enough for 3 people, but we even had some pieces left we took home for the next day. Half a tray, that’s 12 pieces of pizza…so even if we were really hungry, we just couldn’t finish it. $21 for half a tray is definitely not too much!

L&B Spumoni Gardens is a family business and according to their own description, you are greeted by family members  at the entrance. In the summer you can also sit down on the outside, or just get your pizza at one of the windows, where they also sell ice cream (and really fancy looking desserts, but we just couldn’t eat more…).

Eat & Drink: L&B Spumoni Gardens | Brooklyn - DSC 0207 Eat & Drink: L&B Spumoni Gardens | Brooklyn - DSC 0204

I have to say that Adrienne’s is still my favorite (I’ll write about it any time soon!), but this is for sure worth a try if you don’t know what to eat and don’t mind going all the way to Brooklyn. It’s worth it!


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