Eat & Drink: Gelateria Della Palma | Rome

It’s already some months ago, but I finally found the time for my Eat & Drink post for Gelateria Della Palma in Rome!

Eat & Drink: Gelateria Della Palma | Rome - Della Palma 2 1024x683

When I went to Rome for the first time in December, one thing was sure from the moment I started planning the trip: I love ice cream, so I would have a lot. And pizza. Due to the very cold (but sunny) weather, this plan didn’t really work out. After some expensive and not really super good ice cream on the Saturday, I was looking for something really special on the Sunday. During a coffee break in front of the Pantheon I asked for some tips on my Instagram account. Two of my followers suggested the same place to get some gelato – which obviously was then the place I went to.

Eat & Drink: Gelateria Della Palma | Rome - Della Palma 3 1024x683 Eat & Drink: Gelateria Della Palma | Rome - Della Palma 1 1024x683

Gelateria Della Palma turned out to be just right. With more than 150 different flavors, it was really hard to choose – I was lucky that it was so cold outside because there was hardly anybody in there. Which gave me the chance to have a good look on the choices, try some of them and then finally made my choice. And the ice cream was sooooo good! Next to the normal flavors there were some vegan and lactose free flavors.

Eat & Drink: Gelateria Della Palma | Rome - Della Palma 4 1024x683

So: definitely try Gelateria Della Palma when you are in Rome! I can imagine that it’s not too easy to decide on the right flavor due to the huge choice of standard and special flavors, especially when it’s crowded there. I enjoyed walking along the counter to see all the different flavors, which is not possible when there are more people waiting in line. But the prices are very good so you can always go back for a second round!

Have you ever been there?

Gelateria Della Palma
Via della Maddalena 19-23



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