Birthday Thoughts

It’s my birthday again! Some people don’t like to get older, some people don’t like their birthday that much, I am still happy like a small child when it’s my birthday and I am really excited all day.

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24. A few years back, I thought, as soon as I turn 24 (or, let’s say, older than 20 in general) I would have a plan in life. I would know what I want to do and I would just know what to do to reach my goals. Well…I don’t. I kinda know that I would love to work in the fashion sector, I know what I like and what I don’t like and I know that I want to spend one semester more abroad. But I still don’t have a masterplan, but recently I understood that it’s not necessary to have one. It’s just okay and as long as you do what makes you happy and work on your dreams, it’s fine not to know where it may eventually lead you.

Plans never work out anyway. Things change, dreams change and goals change. So many things that can influence your life – why wasting time on making plans when everything is changing all the time anyway?

It’s not that I didn’t learn anything. This year, I did a lot more stuff on my own than the year before – including an international tax declaration (they should teach you this kind of stuff at school…). But the most important thing I learned (again): when something is not working according to plan, I can always rely on my family and friends. Even if this is the 5th birthday in a row that I celebrate away from home – they will always be there when I need them. And even if I still don’t have a masterplan in life, it will be fine.


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