Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List - Bucket List

The quote from Mark Twain has been a part of my blog from the start. I started Schokokamel to keep my family and friends back home posted about my semester abroad. One semester turned into four semesters, and a small, private blog turned into a website visited by people I have never met before. Travelling has stayed an important subject on the blog, although other aspects, like fashion, joined over time. During my travels, I find the inspiration for my blog, and sometimes myself. Here it comes: my travel bucket list: places I want to explore over time.

✓  Experience Christmas in New York

☐  Watch elephants in Namibia

☐  Return to Paris again and again – the place where it all started ♥

☐  Visit the Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro

✓ Stay on top of the Tokyo Tower and see Mount Fuji

✓ Stand at the rim of the Grand Canyon

✓ Play Black Jack in a casino in Vegas

☐  Swim in the North Sea on New Year’s in the Netherlands

☐  Visit Curaçao and Aruba

✓ Take a picture of an old, colorful Dodge in Cuba

✓  See Manhattan Henge

✓ See the place, where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet

☐  Be speechless when watching the Northern lights

✓  Watch turtles on Hawaii

☐  Do a roadtrip in Canada

☐  Stand on top of the highest building in the world

✓ Travel Sri Lanka

☐  Eat Sachertorte in Vienna

☐  Walk on the Chinese wall

✓ Participate in a tea ceremony in Japan

☐  Surf on Bali

☐  Discover the Greek islands by boat

✓ Do a gondola ride in Venice

✓  See the Colosseum in Rome

☐  Stand in front of the Taj Mahal

✓ Visit Julien and Arthur in the Rue Daguerre in Paris

☐  Discover Budapest

☐  Visit the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

✓ Drive along the Great Ocean Road

☐  Whale watching

✓  Sit on the steps of the Met in New York

✓ Loose my heart to a city

☐  Celebrate Midsommar in Sweden

☐  Sit on a random swing on a random beach in Asia

☐  Learn to dance Tango Argentino in Buenos Aires

☐  Stand on the Tablemountain

☐  Visit Il Duomo in Florence

☐  Swim with pigs on the Bahamas

☐  Walk through lavender fields in Provence

☐  Drive in the Scottish highlands

☐  See Stone Henge

☐  Visit temples in Cambodia

✓  Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge

✓  Drive through Death Valley

☐  See Flamingos in nature

☐  Do a roadtrip through Ireland

✓  Walk along Nyhavn in Copenhagen

✓ See koalas and kangaroos in nature

✓  Go to Efteling

☐  Parachuting

☐  Be in Toscane for autumn

✓ Drive along the Great Ocean Road

☐  See the sea lights at the Maldives

☐  Watch the Changing of the Guards in London

✓ Experience the Oktoberfest in Munich

✓ See wild camels

☐ See whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef

☐ Walk through Central Park in autumn

✓ Go snorkling

☐ Travel to Iceland

☐ Stand on Rainbow Mountain in Peru

☐ Do a harbour tour in Rotterdam

☐ Run the half marathon in NYC

☐ Visit the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam

✓ Travel with my best friend

☐ Take a few months off to travel the world

These are 55 items on my list – some of them I already experienced, others are still waiting. In the coming weeks, I will add the links to the items I already did. The list will grow, become longer, and some points might disappear because I change my mind. What’s on your travel bucket list?




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