5 Things that Rocked my World in September 2019

It’s been a month already that I moved to The Hague – crazy, how fast time is flying! As you can imagine, I spent the past four weeks mostly by getting used to the new town, the new people and finding my way in it all. But I am looking forward to working more on the blog again, soon! However, as time is passing by way too fast, it’s time to look back on the past four weeks to remember which five things rocked most!

1. First of all, of course the move. After only four weeks of exploring the city, I already can say that it was a very good decision to move from Munich to The Hague. I feel so much more at home here already than I ever did in Munich, and that despite the fact that I do not have my own apartment yet. Feels good though!

2. Although it’s autumn by now, the one thing I missed most when living in Munich was the beach. So as you can imagine, one of the first things I did when I moved here was going down to Scheveningen to just spend some hours enjoying the sun and the wind. Surely, there will be quite some more trips coming up soon!

3. Starting the new job. I was kinda nervous about this one, because going from working in a pr agency back to working for a company was a big step and I could only guess that I would enjoy it. But I do! And that’s a big relief. So after two years of lots of stressing out and a month of doing nothing, I am happy to have get started again!

4. Back at dancing! After having trained alone for the past months, not knowing how the situation would be once I moved to The Hague, I was pretty unmotivated. But as soon as I started searching for a new dance partner here, it was all easier than I thought it might be. Getting back on the dance floor gives me so much motivation and energy!

5. Last but not least, I finally had some good me-time. Of course, I wasn’t working in August, either, so I had quite some time, but it was mostly filled with long to do lists, meeting all the people I wanted to see again before leaving and just taking care of administrative stuff, doctors appointments, that kinda things. Being here gives me some time to just concentrate on what I want to do – working on the blog, working out, reading, exploring the city, going to the beach…although I must admit that I am really looking forward for my husband to finally come and join me in October!

What were your highlights in September?


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