5 things that rocked my world in May

Usually I would say that time is flying, but somehow it doesn’t feel like that this month and somehow started to enjoy the sunny days and the time I can spend in the city.

Of course time is still going fast, but do you know this feeling when the sun is shining and everything somehow just slows down? That’s how it’s going here at the moment, and I just enjoy every single day I can spend in this amazing city. But long story short: here are my five highlights of May!

1. My little brother came to visit! It was his first time outside of Europe, and I was really happy to see him again before he moves to Seoul in August. I took some days off work to spend time with him and we just had an amazing time together. 

2. I finally started enjoying some tourist attractions and the city in general while my brother was here. One of the highlights was the visit of the One World Observatory, with an amazing view over the city!

3. I started thinking of what I would like to do when my time here in NYC is over – and even if it’s sad that I have to leave, I am looking forward to the next step, too. I have travelled the past five years, and feel that it’s time to find a place where I can stay longer than only a few months – there are some options I am considering right now. As you might now if you follow me longer, I won’t say anything here until I know for sure, and I am far from chosing what I want to do right now, but as soon as I know you can be sure you will hear about it here!

4. I finished the concept for my Bachelor thesis…what means I am almost done. Even if I still have to work on it (a lot), the concept was an important step on the way, and I am relieved that it’s almost over. I can’t wait to finish!

5. For some, this point might not be that important, but: I got over 500 followers on Instagram! After having about 150 for months, it feels like I am doing something right, finally. And yes, for me, that’s a highlight, because it’s good to see that people enjoy what I post and also what I write about here.

What were your highlights over the past month?


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