5 things that rocked my world in March

Once again, time is flying, and I just can’t believe that it is more than a month ago, that I came to New York and started my internship. And that this means, I am almost done with my study. Which is kinda scary. But anyway, March is over, and it’s time for the monthly review!

1. Already some weeks ago, I FINALLY saw the musical Phantom of the Opera, which I wanted to see for ages. And now we got tickets for the fifth row for half the price, and it was awesome, even better than expected!! That was not the last Broadway show I saw, for sure!

2. I still have no idea what will happen after my internship – of course I still have some month to go and for sure the roadtrip with Hannah will happen after, but then? No plans so far. But the good thing is, somehow I don’t really care, and I am just sure that it will work out somehow. Currently, I just try to enjoy that feeling and I guess I will figure out later what I am going to do and where I want to end up afterwards. But at least, I can enjoy the moment for now!

3. All these small moments when I realize that I am really here – no matter if it is in the morning when I wake up and see the Empire State Building from my bed (yes, really…), or just walking around in the city, or in the morning when the train crosses the Manhattan Bridge…a few weeks ago I could not really believe that it was actually happening, and now I am just here. And I love it!

4. I start to develop a new routine regarding sports, which is good…and it is working out better than in Denmark, which impresses myself. Once you convinced yourself hat you want to do something, it is easier than you thought to motivate yourself, I guess…and I figured out, the only person who kept me from doing it and changing something was myself. So here we go, as long as the motivation is high.

5. I finally read a book that I wanted to read for ages – written by the German author Meike Winnemuth, who won 500,000 on a German TV show and decided to travel the world, living in one city for one month before moving on, for a total of one year. This book left a big impression, and I am still thinking about it – and I am happy I read it. Meike’s blog that she wrote during her travels was one of the reasons I started my blog, and this book just gave me so much motivation and somehow confirmation about what I am doing…I just loved it. For sure, there will be some review here on the blog!

So that’s it! How was your March?

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