5 Things that Rocked my World in March 2019

It’s been pretty quiet here lately – sorry for that! I am currently travelling and therefore not really into planning and writing longer blogposts at the moment. However, I decided to get back on track bz sharing the highlights of March with you guys – what were yours?

1. The month started pretty good by spending a weekend in Cologne with my best friend. And not just any weekend, it was time for Carnival! Although Rica moved to Cologne almost seven years ago, I had never been there vor Carnival. It was about time! I thought it might just not be my cup of tea, but oh dear, was I mistaken. I had a great time and I am sure, I’ll be back next year!

2. Without a break, the travelling continued – the next stop was Berlin, were I attended the ITB (big travel fair) for work. After four days, a colleague and me stayed two more days to spend a relaxing weekend there. Such a great idea! Although Berlin was on my bucket list for 2019, we did not do any sightseeing whatsoever. Big advantage when you have been to a city several times already!

3. I love to be spontaneous, but for some reason, I hardly ever am. In Berlin, we booked tickets for the German musical Tanz der Vampire – just the night before the show. I had seen the musical ten years earlier, and I loved seeing it again.

4. The weeks after ITB flew by – lots of work, hardly any time to just do something at home or work on a blogpost. Which mostly explains why it has been pretty quiet over here! However, what stressed me out the most was getting my suitcase packed for Tasmania and Australia, as the weather forecast was not really…decided on what it would be like, and for some reason temperatures were varying a lot.

5. And then it was finally time to step on the plane and fly all the way to Hobart, Tasmania. After one week in Tasmania, mostly spent in the Western Wilds, I flew from Launceston back to Melbourne, where I am currently spending two more weeks before returning to Europe. As you might guess, there are quite some stories to tell, but this will happen in another blogpost!

What were your highlights in the past month?

Love from Melbourne! xx

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