5 Things that Rocked my World in March

March is over and it’s time for another monthly review! Although I have to be honest that it was not the easiest thing to find 5 highlihts / things that rocked my world for this month as I was mostly at home doing nothing due to my broken foot.

5 Things that Rocked my World in March - DSC 0204

1. The weekend I was able to spend in the Netherlands visiting family! Alone at home isn’t nice or easy when you have a broken foot and cannot even carry a glass of water from the kitchen to the sofa. So visiting family was a great change for the weekend and as I finally just kept sitting in a chair and let others help me, my foot was feeling way better after only two days.

2. My foot getting better and better. I broke it when I fell with my snowboard in the end of February, and in the first two weeks it felt like ages would pass until I could walk normally again. Now I’m almost back to normal and will be allowed to dance again in a few weeks – can’t wait!

3. Although I couldn’t join training physically over the past years, I finally found a dancing dress! As most of the dresses for ballroom dancing are measure made, you cannot just walk into a store and buy one – so I was really happy that I found one so quickly. And that it fit. Photos will follow on Instagram!

4. Having time to meet friends! Usually, that’s pretty difficult due to the few time I have left after work, blogging and training. Now, it finally worked out: weekends with Harry Potter Marathons, German TV shows with friends…it was great!

5. The weather! Autumn will always be my favorite, but I’m so happy that the sun is finally out and the weather is getting better!

What were your highlights in March?


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