5 things that rocked my world in January

I just can’t believe that the first month of 2016 is already over…I’m kinda preparing for the new adventure in NYC and time is flying. So many things to do and just not enough time, nothing special, basically.

So in general, I get the impression that I don’t have enough time to take care of my blog, but at least I finally found the time to write a little review with 5 things that rocked my world in January.

1. My visa is finally there! In the beginning of the month I went to the ambassy in Amsterdam and within a bit more than a week, my passport arrived with the visa inside. So I’m good to go to the US now!

2. The last weeks in Herning – even if nobody was really motivated to get back in the beginning, I am happy to have spent the last few weeks there. It was nice to be all together again, even if some people were just missing because they finished early. And it was so hard to say goodbye…

3. My boyfriend and me went shopping in an outlet close to my parent’s place here in Germany just before I drove back to Denmark. I needed some more clothes for the internship in NYC, as the dresscode is a bit different than in my previous jobs…and I found a lot. Now, I only have to put everything together in one suitcase!

4. Getting home! Even if I really enjoyed being in Herning again, and being together with all these people, getting „home“ was also nice. Even if it’s only my old room at my parent’s place and it’s only for 2 weeks, but still it feels good as it is time for the next step.

5. Holidays! I went skiing with my family and my boyfriend and it was so good to snowboard again for the first time in ages! It has been 4 years since the last time and it was just really nice week in which I tried to get away from my smartphone and laptop as much as possible.

That’s it – even if so many small things happened, it’s hard for me to sum up the month in only 5 highlights…and what about your January?


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